Costa Rica Transportation

Costa Rica Transportation

Welcome to Costa Rica!! We know how difficult is to organize a trip in other country, specially when you don't have an idea how to get to your destinations. Costa Rica is a country offering lot of different areas to visit and our Costa Rica transportation website will help you to find the best way to travel between your areas in Costa Rica.

You can find bellow a Costa Rica transportation list where you can find different Costa Rica routes offering private and shuttle transfers.

Costa Rica Private Transportation

Get your destinations in Costa Rica faster and easier using the Costa Rica private transportation service.

All minibuses have air conditioning and comfortable seats. The drivers are able to make a few stops during the transportation and you are able to select at what time to be picked up.

Costa Rica Shuttle Transportation

The Costa Rica shuttle transportation is a cheap way to get your destinations in Costa Rica, you will share the minibuses with more people traveling to the same destination than you.

Select between different pickup times offered by the

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